Keeping up with the DH Lawrence
On the trail of David and Frieda Lawrence in Sicily, Sea and Sardinia 

In January 1921 DH Lawrence and his wife, Frieda, left their Taormina home in north-east Sicily and set off on a nine-day excursion to and through Sardinia and back to Sicily via mainland Italy. Lawrence’s account of their journey, Sea and Sardinia, was published later that year.

Keeping up with the DH Lawrence is a contemporary account of making the same journey, as far as possible keeping to the same route, the same timescale, the same mode of transport and the same overnight stops as Lawrence and the queen-bee, his pet name for Frieda.

Like Sea and Sardinia, Keeping up with the DH Lawrence is written in the present tense but there the comparisons end for the irascible Lawrence was not a tolerant traveller, was not the sort to initiate conversations, was not, as the Italians would say, simpatico.

Lawrence travelled at a time of heightened tensions in Europe after the Great War and these are reflected in his outlook and the people he encountered, most of whom he gave nicknames such as Hamlet, the Bounder, Mr Rochester and the Sludge Queen.

Niall Allsop and his nephew traversed the same route in a different world, a brave new world of iPods and tele-communications masts, and here they met Julius Caesar, Wonderwoman, Red, Motormouth and The Engineer ... and many more colourful and interesting characters brought to life on the pages of this unique travelogue.

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Published December 2010. Price $16 / ebook price depends on location and seller
ISBN: 1-45369-802-7
ISBN-13: 978-1-453698-02-0
272 pages: 50 mono photographs and four maps

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